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Retailers refer to the holiday season as the Super Bowl of shoplifting — as do shoplifters. Let us assure you, you’d be surprised who gets caught in the act. 

For example, a Kentucky sheriff’s lieutenant and his girlfriend were recently arrested for shoplifting Christmas decorations and a cooler from an online auction warehouse. Following his arrest, the officer was suspended without pay. 

Similarly, three shoplifters were recently detained for shoplifting at a GameStop using a clever, three-person approach, in which one person removed theft sensors, one person distracted employees, and one person attempted [...]

You’ve been arrested for shoplifting. Maybe it was a miscommunication, maybe you couldn’t help yourself. For most people in North Carolina, a first offense will probably land you a fine…and the penalty of public shame.

There’s only one problem. You’ve already been convicted of shoplifting before.

So what should you expect this time?

Second Convictions in North Carolina Come With Stronger Penalties

State laws take into account that someone’s first crime may just be their last. The penalties for a first shoplifting conviction (which can include up to 10 days in jail) are [...]

What is shoplifting?

Most of us have a pretty clear understanding of the basics. It’s when someone takes something from a store without paying for it, right?

Except that in North Carolina, it’s not quite that simple. There is no charge in our state for shoplifting.

So, what happens when someone “shoplifts” here? Our state criminalizes shoplifting under its theft and larceny laws. The following are the statutes used in NC to govern the various offenses related to shoplifting:

  • North Carolina General Statutes 14-72.1 describes concealment of merchandise
  • North Carolina General Statutes 14-72(a)

You’re shopping in a store. Suddenly, a store security guard or manager comes up to you and accuses you of shoplifting or says that you have to come with them immediately.

What can you do? What should you expect to happen?

Below, we’re going to provide an overview of what happens in North Carolina after that initial shoplifting accusation, as well as what rights you have and how you can fight back to clear your name.

North Carolina Shoplifting: What the Store Can Do

The laws in North Carolina prohibit both merchandise concealment [...]

Have you been accused of shoplifting in North Carolina? A skilled attorney can help you fight back with the right defense.

Before you even start learning about defense strategies, you need to understand the law and what you’re up against.

Shoplifting Laws and Penalties in North Carolina

North Carolina law defines shoplifting as “larceny of goods.” You can be found guilty of shoplifting if a prosecutor is able to prove that any of these actions occurred with the intent of permanently depriving a merchant from property and without the merchant’s consent.

  1. Concealing merchant