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A recent story of a North Carolina woman’s alleged larceny sheds light on why it is so important to have alternatives to the typical punishments for stealing. Moreover, it is a reminder that there are all kinds of reasons why someone might shoplift, and that sometimes a little bit of kindness and understanding can go a long way.

The Desperate Situation a North Carolina Mother Found Herself In

It started when two police officers arrested Theresa West, 44, of the Hillsborough area for stealing from a Food Lion grocery store. The store contacted [...]

Shoplifting is a very common theft crime both here in North Carolina and throughout the United States. It’s so prevalent that most shoplifters actually go undetected.

Though it’s often associated with rebellious teens stealing for the thrill of it, there isn’t a particular profile for a typical shoplifter. In fact, anyone can be a shoplifter.

Check out these statistics studied and compiled by the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention:

  • One in 11 people are shoplifters, which equates to about 27 million Americans.
  • In the last 5 years, more than 10 million people have

Several different types of theft crimes exist in North Carolina.

If you are charged with theft, the value of the goods or property usually decides whether the charge is a misdemeanor or a felony. If a firearm or violence was involved at the time of the incident, the class of the offense will be higher. This is also true if a prior theft record exists.

By understanding the various types of theft that are defined under the law in our state, it can help you to plan your defense strategy, understand why you [...]

Shoplifting from a retail location is not the most serious crime in North Carolina. If you steal less than $1,000, it’s usually charged as a misdemeanor, and charges don’t typically go higher than a Class H felony. There are associated fines and can be jail time, depending on the specific charge, but numerous other crimes are treated more severely by our lawmakers.

In mid-November, however, a Belmont woman’s alleged shoplifting spree resulted in over 16 felony and misdemeanor charges and a $1,061,000 bond against her.

What happened?

Lacey Brooke Lynch and the $1


Most people can remember a time as a teenager when they or a friend were pressured to shoplift. Maybe it was something simple, like candy or a pair of socks. Maybe you got away with it. Shoplifting is typically regarded as a crime committed by teenagers, but in reality, adults shoplift more than teenagers.

If you are caught shoplifting in North Carolina, you may face serious penalties and have a long legal road ahead. A shoplifting charge can be a major headache. Depending on the value of the merchandise you’re accused of stealing, [...]