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Being arrested can be a stressful and confusing experience, especially when it comes to navigating the bail system. In North Carolina, the bail system is designed to ensure defendants appear in court while protecting their rights. This post will discuss how North Carolina’s bail system works and provide some tips on navigating it.

How the Bail System Works in North Carolina

When a person is arrested in North Carolina, they are taken to a magistrate for a first appearance. The magistrate will determine if there is probable cause for the arrest and [...]

Hiring a criminal defense attorney is essential if you’re facing criminal charges in North Carolina. A criminal defense attorney is a legal professional who represents individuals and organizations accused of criminal offenses. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the role of a criminal defense attorney in North Carolina and how they can help you if you’re facing criminal charges.

Understanding the Role of a Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal defense attorney’s primary role is to protect the legal rights of their clients. They do this by providing legal representation in court and negotiating [...]

In North Carolina, felony sentencing is complicated. That’s because they use a system in the state that assigns a class to a crime and compares it with a person’s criminal history in order to determine the level of the sentence they can receive.

Every felony conviction comes with the possibility of prison or jail time. Depending on your criminal history, though, you may be able to avoid it. 

Here’s what you need to know about felony sentencing in North Carolina to help you make sense of this very complicated system.

Why Does


You’ve probably heard the term restitution thrown around in news stories about crimes. It is a common penalty in criminal cases, as one North Carolina man recently found out.

In October, a North Carolina man was sentenced to 84 months in prison for the role he played in conspiring to steal from Medicaid. Part of his sentence included paying restitution in the amount of $6.1 million to North Carolina Medicaid and $346,000 to the IRS for his crimes.

So, what is restitution and how does it factor into criminal cases in North Carolina? [...]

Breonna Taylor’s death was a tragedy, but what followed for her ex-boyfriend has made the entire situation that much worse.

Breonna Taylor was shot to death by police as they executed a no-knock warrant on her home. Police believed they would find evidence connecting her to a drug trafficking operation they suspected her ex-boyfriend had a part in. 

They found no evidence in her home, yet prosecutors attempted to get her ex-boyfriend to name her as a co-conspirator in a plea bargain.

Her ex-boyfriend and his lawyer refused, but this story serves as [...]