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11Apr, 2020

Defending Your Right to a Speedy Trial Amidst Coronavirus Chaos
Posted By: Schlosser & Pritchett

Defending Your Right to a Speedy Trial Amidst Coronavirus Chaos

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about some unique circumstances that Americans are now forced to deal with. One of the most disruptive aspects of this pandemic has been the closure of businesses and many government functions. This includes the court Continue reading

18Mar, 2020

NC Man Made Bomb Threats — Here’s Why It’s Become a Federal Case
Posted By: Schlosser & Pritchett

NC Man Made Bomb Threats -- Here's Why It's Become a Federal Case

In early March, a North Carolina man was arrested for making bomb threats in Raleigh. The threats were made against the Collins Aerospace campus in Wilson, North Carolina. 

In most cases, these kinds of threats remain under the state’s jurisdiction. Continue reading

15Aug, 2019

Is North Carolina Domestic Violence Ever a Federal Crime?
Posted By: Schlosser & Pritchett

Unfortunately, false allegations of domestic violence used to gain legal leverage are on the rise, too. An estimated 700,000 people are wrongfully arrested on domestic violence charges annually. 

What you may also not be aware of is that although domestic Continue reading

12Apr, 2018

What NC Charges Might “Smash and Grab” Suspects Face If Caught?
Posted By: Schlosser & Pritchett

What NC Charges Might "Smash and Grab" Suspects Face If Caught?

“Smash and grab” thefts are on the rise here in North Carolina and other states, and law enforcement officials think they know why.

They recently discovered a theft crime ring that reaches from Georgia into North Carolina where the alleged Continue reading

15Jun, 2016

How North Carolina’s LEAD Program Helps Drug Users Avoid Arrest
Posted By: Schlosser & Pritchett

How North Carolina's LEAD Program Helps Drug Users Avoid Arrest

Those convicted of low-level crimes and drug offenses make up a huge amount of the prisoners serving time in local, state, and federal prisons in our state, and their numbers are only increasing. So many low-level offenders are being incarcerated Continue reading