Memorial Day is just around the corner here in NC, and with it comes get-togethers, cookouts, fun in the sun…and drinking. While drinking can be enjoyable for adults, drinking and driving can lead to a DWI.

In fact, Memorial Day is the fifth most dangerous holiday in terms of DWI fatalities, with a 54% higher risk than average, and it is the second most dangerous holiday weekend. As for the legalities of driving while impaired in North Carolina, it is illegal to drive with an alcohol concentration of 0.08 or higher, [...]

Embezzlement may be a term you’ve heard before, but may not really know what it’s all about. 

The truth is that embezzlement is a white-collar crime that happens far more than people realize. It involves many different kinds of schemes. It’s also often perpetrated by the people you least suspect.

A former teller of a Danville, Virginia bank was finally caught in North Carolina. He had been on the run for two years from embezzlement charges. 

Over the course of about 14 months, he managed to embezzle over $600,000 from the credit union [...]

Domestic violence as a crime is, unfortunately, common. Those who attempt to defend themselves in domestic violence cases have an uphill battle – a battle that may soon get a little more difficult.

A bill in North Carolina may soon support victims of domestic violence to appear in court virtually. While it is in the early stages of drafting, it could be a big change for cases involving domestic violence, harassment, and sexual abuse. 

Many victims are afraid to confront their abusers in court, so this law could make it easier for [...]

When you’ve been found guilty of a crime and the judge orders probation, it’s better than the alternative – time behind bars. Think of probation as an opportunity to show that you can comply with the law in order to avoid incarceration.

Of course, probation violations do happen often. When they do, you need to prepare a case for your probation officer and possibly a judge. Otherwise, your probation could be revoked, and you would be required to finish your sentence in jail.

Here are a few of the most common ways people [...]

In North Carolina, the drug war rages on. Unfortunately, so does racial profiling in police work.

North Carolina law enforcement claims they target high-level drug traffickers in an effort to save lives, but they don’t engage in profiling. 

However, the data doesn’t seem to back up the assertion. They’ve been busy in the first quarter of 2021, seizing almost $65 million in illegal drugs. Throughout this activity, racial disparities in policing habits have become evident. 

The State Bureau of Investigation released data that shows minority drivers are more likely than white drivers [...]