Domestic violence is a serious problem affecting millions of people worldwide. It’s a topic often discussed in terms of “he said, she said,” as the victim and the abuser often have different versions of events. In North Carolina, however, this phrase has taken on a new meaning, as the state has charged domestic violence victims with crimes for failing to protect themselves from their abusers.

Domestic violence is a pervasive problem that affects people of all genders, ages, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds. It is a pattern of abusive behaviors one partner uses to [...]

A criminal record can have long-lasting negative consequences for individuals in North Carolina. Fortunately, there is a legal remedy for those who have turned their lives around and wish to move forward with a clean slate. Record sealing, or expungement, is the process of removing certain criminal records from public access. Sealing a record can have many benefits, including improved job opportunities, housing options, and the ability to participate in certain civic activities. In this article, we will explore the benefits of sealing your North Carolina record.

Improved Job Opportunities in North Carolina[...]

Firearms laws continue to be a contentious issue in the United States, and North Carolina is no exception. While the Second Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms, regulations and restrictions are still in place to ensure public safety.

In this blog post, we will explore the firearms laws in North Carolina, including the types of weapons charges that can result in serious legal consequences.

Regulations for Obtaining a Firearm in North Carolina

In our state, anyone who wants to purchase a handgun must first obtain a permit from their local sheriff’s office[...]

Probation and parole are two important components of the criminal justice system in North Carolina. You may have heard of someone being on probation or out on parole – but do you really know what the two terms mean?

For most people, the answer is no. In fact, probation and parole are often used interchangeably, even though there are significant differences between the two. This matters a lot if you happen to find yourself facing probation or up for parole – or simply charged with a crime and wondering if either of these [...]

As a taxpayer in North Carolina, it is essential to understand the difference between tax fraud and tax evasion and the consequences associated with each. 

While both terms are often used interchangeably, there are distinct differences between the two, and understanding these differences can be critical for those under investigation for tax-related matters.

How so? While both are considered crimes, there are differences in what you are charged with, the consequences you face, and what prosecutors must prove to convict you.

Defining Tax Fraud and Tax Evasion in North Carolina

Tax fraud[...]