In North Carolina, the crime of battery is taken very seriously, especially when children are involved. When the case includes an unborn child, the penalties faced can be even harsher.

In January, a Raleigh man was arrested after attacking a pregnant woman. He now faces charges not only for assault but also the battery of her unborn child. He threw a shelf at a woman who was eight months pregnant, and it struck her on the side of her abdomen.

Pregnancy takes many months, and it may not always look obvious, but that [...]


Sometimes people who perpetrate crimes assume that evading initial arrest means they escape charges for good. However, this is a false sense of security. In many cases, like drug distribution, investigations take time. Acts committed in the past can come back to haunt you.

A recent case in Asheville shows just how long it can take. After a seven-month investigation, nine people were arrested for an array of crimes, including conspiracy to traffick heroin/opium and continuing a criminal enterprise. The investigation may yet yield more charges against those arrested.

Drug Distribution Charges


When you’re convicted of or plead guilty to a crime, sentencing may involve jail or probation. Also called “community supervision”, probation might be preferable to prison, but it still has its difficulties.

One of the biggest challenges of probation is the possibility that it can be revoked. What does that mean, and when does it happen? Read on to find out.

Probation in NC: What Is It?

When a judge hands down a sentence, they have the option to pass a suspended sentence and place a person on probation for a period of [...]

Few incidents are as scary as a bomb threat. While you may think bomb threats are few and far between, they do happen. And they’re often in the last place you may anticipate.

A North Carolina man was recently arrested and charged with possession of a prohibited weapon and reckless endangerment. He placed explosive devices in a wooded area in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

While all suspects are innocent until proven guilty, that doesn’t mean that some very serious charges can’t stem from situations like the one in Pigeon Forge. North Carolina has strict [...]

Making the decision to drink and get behind the wheel of a car is a choice that can have a huge impact on your world as well as others in it, as one Charlotte man recently found out.

A head-on crash caused by an intoxicated driver caused the death of another man and seriously injured the driver. The driver recovered in the hospital but was arrested by police for felony death by vehicle. He also faces charges for reckless driving and driving while impaired.

This story serves as a cautionary tale for driving [...]