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The spookiest night of the year is just around the corner. Celebrated by the young and the old, Halloween can be a great family fun night for everyone in North Carolina. 

Often, though, teenagers would rather be having ghoulish fun with their friends. There’s nothing wrong with this on its face… but frequently that translates to having a party with alcohol.

Underage drinking is a major problem for teens in North Carolina, and as a parent or guardian, you have a responsibility to make sure that your teen is not getting up to [...]

Parents just want their teenagers to be safe, but every parent’s approach is different. You may know parents who are very strict about letting their child drink. You may also know parents who let children drink in their house and take away their keys to keep them safe.

If you are one of these latter parents, make sure you know the laws in North Carolina to keep your children (and yourself) out of trouble. Namely, the fact that it is illegal to let underage kids drink except for in very specific cases.

Minors [...]

Worried about your child getting a minor in possession charge at college this year? We’ll tell you what to expect if your kid gets caught, and explain how a skilled criminal attorney can help you fight the charges to protect their future.

North Carolina Minor in Possession Laws

For many kids, college is the place where they can finally spread their wings and have fun as “adults.” Unfortunately, for many young adults, university “fun” has become synonymous with drinking. Sometimes heavily.

Schools have even become known for partying. Case in point: the Princeton [...]

When most people hear about minor in possession charges, they think of charges brought against minors who are in possession of alcohol, or who attempt to use fake IDs to obtain alcohol. However, minor in possession laws also cover selling or providing alcohol to underage individuals.

This is important to understand, because minor in possession charges are common this time of year, and police across the state and the country are on the lookout both for minors in possession of alcohol and for any individuals that provide alcohol to minors. In fact, the [...]