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When you read a story about arson charges, the last people you expect to see behind bars are the men and women in charge of putting out fires.

Still, that’s what happened in Robeson County. Ten volunteer firefighters have been charged with arson after a year-long investigation into suspicious fires around the woods and abandoned structures.

This surprisingly isn’t the first time that North Carolina firefighters have faced arson accusations. In 2012, five junior volunteer firefighters were charged after lighting up fires “out of boredom.” While no one has been hurt due to [...]

Property crimes are those involving physical property. In general, they include stealing, unlawfully entering, and damaging or destroying the property of another. In North Carolina, there are a wide variety of criminal offenses that fall under the umbrella of property crimes. Some of the most common property crimes include arson, burglary, and robbery.

If you are facing property crime charges, it is important to consult with an experienced North Carolina defense attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights and build the best possible defense.

Below, we’re going to detail common property [...]

Arson is one of the most dangerous and high-profile crimes a person can commit. It is classified as a property crime, but is treated much more seriously than other property crimes due to its potential to cause bodily harm or death. The dangerous nature of the crime generally means that arson is charged as a felony-level offense and severely sentenced.


On top of all this, arson charges can be quite difficult to fight, and typically require both a skilled attorney and an experienced independent fire investigator.

Let’s take a look at North [...]

Fires are serious business. Not only can they cause property damage, but fires are also responsible for thousands of injuries and deaths every year.

In 2015, 1,345,500 fires were reported around the United States. These fires caused:

  • $14.3 billion in property damage;
  • 15,700 injuries; and
  • 3,280 deaths.

Taking these numbers into consideration, we can say that one fire injury happened every 34 minutes and one fire death occurred every 2 hours and 40 minutes.

While many fires are accidental, unfortunately some are set deliberately. When that happens, it is called arson.

Recently, 27-year-old [...]

Generally speaking there are two different main categories of crimes: violent crimes, and crimes against property.

You can probably guess at most of the violent crimes. Things like murder, assault and battery, rape, and so on. Acts that are inherently violent in nature.

Property crimes are not always quite as easy to understand, and in our state there are a number of them. In order to best protect yourself and your future if you find yourself charged, one of the most important things you can do is to learn about how North Carolina [...]