Category: Identity Theft

In terms of white collar crimes in North Carolina, identity theft is one that seems to be growing in occurrences. While it is a nonviolent crime, that doesn’t mean that it’s any less harmful to society or dealt with in a less severe way by law enforcement.

Identity theft laws in North Carolina can be tricky to break down but not impossible. If you’re facing charges related to identity theft, then it’s vital for you to understand what laws govern this facet in the state of North Carolina – and the potential penalties [...]

Over the last few weeks, social security numbers, private income data, and other personal information has no doubt been flying through cyberspace at breakneck speeds as every law-abiding American citizen is scrambling to file their tax returns before the deadline.

To criminals who are digitally-inclined, tax time may seem like a goldmine for easy fraud – the countless data breaches going on all over the web, the growing landscape of unmanned filing processes, and an entire population of people who trust the system completely – nobody’s watching, right?


For five years running, [...]