Category: (VOP) Probation Violations

When you’ve been found guilty of a crime and the judge orders probation, it’s better than the alternative – time behind bars. Think of probation as an opportunity to show that you can comply with the law in order to avoid incarceration.

Of course, probation violations do happen often. When they do, you need to prepare a case for your probation officer and possibly a judge. Otherwise, your probation could be revoked, and you would be required to finish your sentence in jail.

Here are a few of the most common ways people [...]

Probation revocation is a big deal, which is why it’s something that in most cases can be appealed. The key is to understand how to go about appealing it. 

The truth is, appealing a probation revocation in North Carolina isn’t easy for many reasons, which is why having an experienced attorney on your side is a must. Here’s what you need to know about appealing your probation revocation.

What Is an Appeal and Steps for Filing One in North Carolina?

An appeal is a legal proceeding in which you ask for a judicial [...]

Although many of us tend to use the terms interchangeably,  theft and robbery are two different crimes in North Carolina. As such, theft and robbery crimes are typically prosecuted and penalized very differently. 

In our state, theft refers to a variety of criminal activities involving the unlawful taking of money or other property from another individual or business. 

Robbery also involves the unlawful taking of someone else’s property, but with one key difference. To constitute robbery, the action must be committed in the presence of the victim. 

To understand more about how theft [...]

Probation is generally preferable to spending time behind bars, but it’s also not the easy way out. There are many terms and conditions you’ll have to meet, and failure to do so can land you behind bars for the rest of your sentence.

If you’re placed under probation in North Carolina, it’s very important to understand the type of probation you’re under and to know all of the rules you’ll need to follow.

Importantly, not being aware of a probation condition isn’t a defense for a violation. It’s your responsibility to know and [...]

A recent story of a Fayetteville man who violated probation is a warning for what can happen if you don’t follow the rules.

Quintin Lamar Molette, 28, was on a probationary sentence in March 2015 when police received information that he was in violation of his probation and parole. Police searched his residence and discovered a loaded firearm underneath his bed. Other evidence showed that he had the firearm in his possession earlier that day. Recently, a jury convicted him on charges of felony possession of a firearm. He is now waiting sentencing [...]