Category: Drug Manufacturing

The term “drug trafficking” conjures up images of hardened criminals and cartels, who make their living off of a life of crime. However, it’s common for individuals or small partnerships to face drug trafficking charges as well.

In fact, you can even face drug trafficking charges simply for possessing a large quantity of drugs.

How is this possible?

Because drug trafficking is in part a crime of intent, and possessing an amount of substance that could reasonably be considered too large for personal use can be considered grounds for a drug trafficking charge, [...]

Three triplet brothers were recently arrested for running a drug manufacturing operation out of their high-end apartments in downtown Raleigh. They face multiple charges, including selling and delivering a controlled substance, conspiracy, trafficking, and possession with intent to manufacture or distribute.

The brothers were pressing thousands of counterfeit Xanax bars, combining Xanax with a powerful synthetic opiate that has caused dozens of deaths nationwide, including 10 deaths in North Carolina. The bars may also have been combined with the opioid Fentanyl.

Drug manufacturing in our state is a felony-level offense, and the brothers [...]

A North Carolina-based group was recently caught selling large amounts of cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamines. The drugs were smuggled from Texas to North Carolina by a ring of over 20 people, all of whom were arrested.

Because this case involved a large drug ring moving drugs across multiple state lines, it will be federally prosecuted. Those allegedly involved in the ring will be charged with conspiracy to traffic, and will likely face significant penalties.

It should go without saying that drug trafficking is taken very seriously at both the state and federal level. [...]