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Few incidents are as scary as a bomb threat. While you may think bomb threats are few and far between, they do happen. And they’re often in the last place you may anticipate.

A North Carolina man was recently arrested and charged with possession of a prohibited weapon and reckless endangerment. He placed explosive devices in a wooded area in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

While all suspects are innocent until proven guilty, that doesn’t mean that some very serious charges can’t stem from situations like the one in Pigeon Forge. North Carolina has strict [...]

Scary things happen all the time. On any given day, a trip to your local department store can turn into a situation where someone threatens the store with a bomb. That’s truly frightening.

It’s not a made-up scenario, either. Morehead City’s Walmart experienced a bomb threat recently that cleared the store. No one was injured, but still, these kinds of threats carry serious consequences — even if a bomb is never actually involved.

Learn more about the criminal charges North Carolina residents can face for making serious threats to the safety of the [...]

In early March, a North Carolina man was arrested for making bomb threats in Raleigh. The threats were made against the Collins Aerospace campus in Wilson, North Carolina. 

In most cases, these kinds of threats remain under the state’s jurisdiction. However, in this case, the federal government has stepped in and has charged the man instead. 

Why is this the case?

Because the man decided to make threats referencing ISIS

In particular, he sent multiple texts threatening to bomb the Collins Aerospace campus, and one text referenced ISIS. While bomb threats [...]