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Being accused of sexual assault is serious and can be very challenging to defend yourself against in court.

In North Carolina, managing the evidence you need in a trial can be very complicated, which is why an experienced attorney should be in your corner. Some cases involving sexual assault are won before the trial ever starts, by making sure some evidence cannot be admitted during the trial. But this strategy requires extensive knowledge of North Carolina’s laws, particularly a law referred to as the rape shield law.

What is the rape shield law [...]

Rape in North Carolina has always been deemed a serious crime. However, the state divides it into different types. Statutory rape is one such offense, and it can get a person into serious legal trouble. While many people can define what rape means, fewer people can identify what makes statutory rape illegal in North Carolina.

Here’s what you need to know about rape and statutory rape in North Carolina, as well as the penalties in store if convicted of either crime.

Rape in North Carolina

North Carolina law defines two different degrees [...]

Until very recently (in 2019, to be exact), North Carolina had a loophole in its sexual consent laws knowns as the “Right to Finish.” This loophole meant that many women who felt they were raped never got the justice they deserved. 

Now that the loophole has been closed, sexual consent in North Carolina means something new. Here’s what you need to know about the changes in the law and what it means.

What Was the Law in North Carolina?

The loophole that was recently closed was based on a court decision from 1979 [...]