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Criminal Defense

Aggressive North Carolina Criminal Defense

from Former Prosecutors

Dealing with the North Carolina criminal justice system can be overwhelming. Whether you are currently under investigation, facing criminal charges, or even worried about being charged with a crime, you need to be proactive to protect your legal rights.

Our team of dynamic NC criminal defense lawyers at the Law Firm of Schlosser & Pritchett has the experience and resources you need to safeguard your freedom and future. As former prosecutors ourselves, we know how the other side thinks. Your prosecutor is likely to be prepared to drop the full weight of the law on you, which means you need to be ready to take an equally aggressive stance to win back your freedom and reclaim your life.

Do not become a victim of circumstances. If you are arrested, under investigation for, charged with, or even simply concerned about the possibility of being charged with a crime, contact Schlosser & Pritchett immediately.

Experienced Representation, No Matter What NC Crime You Are Facing

North Carolina criminal courts are famously tough on crime. From Class D misdemeanors to First Degree felonies, being charged with any type of crime in our state carries serious consequences.

When your freedom, job, and future are on the line, experience counts. At the Law Firm of Schlosser & Pritchett, we have handled virtually every type of criminal case imaginable — from drug crimes to shoplifting to white-collar crimes — often with favorable results. Moreover, our attorneys have represented clients in both state and federal courts, so we are able to help no matter who you are up against.

Bottom line? Regardless of the type of criminal charge you are facing, Schlosser & Pritchett can help. We believe that everyone deserves the strongest possible defense, and treat every case with urgency and attention. No matter your background or the charges you are facing, we will fight tooth and nail to help you achieve the best outcome for you. Do not take a risk when you are up against criminal charges. Call our law firm now to schedule a free confidential initial consultation.

North Carolina Criminal Cases

Carry Heavy Consequences

Being convicted of any kind of crime in North Carolina carries grave, lifelong consequences. Do not make the mistake of brushing off criminal charges — regardless of whether you are facing a misdemeanor or a felony — as not being serious.

Any criminal conviction has lasting consequences. Both felony and misdemeanor defendants can be imprisoned and slammed with massive fines. Perhaps most detrimental of all, however, is the stain a misdemeanor or felony conviction will leave on your permanent criminal record.

Being arrested for any crime or violation — no matter how serious — will leave you with a criminal record. This record will follow you wherever you go. Having a criminal record could limit your employment opportunities, as many companies have policies that prohibit the hiring of anyone with a criminal record or applicants with certain types of convictions.

The hits do not stop there, either. A criminal record can hurt your chances of being accepted to college, as admissions offices can often access your record. It could even make it hard for you to obtain housing, as landlords may perform a background check on you before approving your application for residency.

Finally, your criminal record could actually affect your personal relationships. Virtually anyone with a computer can access a criminal record these days, which can be a huge source of embarrassment for you and your family. There have even been stories of potential dates calling things off after doing a search and discovering their new love interest has a record.

With all of the heavy potential consequences of a criminal conviction, it is vital for you to discuss your case with a skilled North Carolina criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to learn your options and what you are up against. At the Law Firm of Schlosser & Pritchett, we have seen the serious negative impact that being convicted can have not only on the life of the defendant, but their loved ones as well. Do not simply assume that everything will work out in your favor. Give yourself the best chance possible by hiring a legal team that will work tirelessly to protect your rights and reputation.

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Every Minute Counts

When You Are Accused of a Crime in North Carolina

How quickly you start putting your defense together matters, too. With every passing day, your case will move forward and law enforcement will continue to collect evidence against you and strengthen their case. The longer you wait to reach out, the more your legal team will have to play catch-up. Moreover, certain kinds of evidence are far more difficult — sometimes impossible — to track down and collect after too much time has passed. Because of these issues, it is vital to seek the counsel of an experienced criminal lawyer the moment you suspect you may be under investigation for a crime.

By enlisting the aid of a North Carolina defense attorney as soon as you become aware of the problem, you give them more time to research and develop a strong defense. More time to find loopholes in the charges against you and start designing a roadmap for your freedom. More time to start gathering witnesses and expert testimonies to fortify your case. Plus, they can advise you on how to act and what to say (and not say) to paint yourself in the best possible light and avoid incrimination.

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