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Generally speaking, there are three classes of crimes: drug crimes, crimes against property, and violent crimes. Obviously, there can be some crossover, but most offenses fall squarely into one of those three categories.

Drug crimes, clearly, must involve drugs. Violent crimes? Violence, of course. And most people associate property crimes with theft or destruction… but that’s not necessarily true.

Although many property crimes do involve theft or property destruction of some kind, any crime against property falls into the class of property crimes. This includes offenses you probably wouldn’t think of, such [...]

Generally speaking there are two different main categories of crimes: violent crimes, and crimes against property.

You can probably guess at most of the violent crimes. Things like murder, assault and battery, rape, and so on. Acts that are inherently violent in nature.

Property crimes are not always quite as easy to understand, and in our state there are a number of them. In order to best protect yourself and your future if you find yourself charged, one of the most important things you can do is to learn about how North Carolina [...]