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Whether you are one of our criminal defense clients or a victim of a work-related or motor vehicle accident injury, you and all of our customers have one common goal: achieving the best results for you and your families. We want that for you as well. That’s why we’re glad to educate those who have never dealt with the legal process prior to meeting with our lawyers, and why we want you to feel as confident as we do about the prospect of a positive outcome for your case.

We work hard to promote a healthful optimism, based on the most reliable information we collect while researching your case. We derive great satisfaction from being able to help you regain control of your life and legal situation. The better your understanding of what’s confronting you, the better the chances of informed decisions along the way that may improve your outcome.schedule a free confidential initial consultation.

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Law Firm of Schlosser & Pritchett
Average rating:  
 11 reviews
 by jim stilson
Case Dismissed

My deepest thanks to the team at Schlosser and Pritchett.
What might have seemed a hopeless case to some was not to this team.
My traffic violation was dismissed when even I didn't think it had a chance.
Well done folks and rest assured I am advocate of your firm.
Thanks, Jim

 by Dave
Drug paraphernalia

JAN E PRITCHETT. Great attorney, Great price,great job! Thank you so much!
(5 star service)

 by R. Johnson
Job well done

I had a traffic case and they were willing to help me. I was told they would get the ticket moved down to a lesser charge. Thet actually had the whole case dismissed. I never had to go to court they went for me and kept me informed. That way I did not have to miss work. I say a job well done, and they went over and aboard. The first time I ever neeed a laywer and glad I made the right choice.

 by K.S.
Outstanding Lawyer

I made the terrible mistake of driving drunk and got a DWI. And due to my high BAC I was facing some very serious penalties. After much "lawyer shopping" I decided to go with Mr. Pritchett. He made it very clear we faced an uphill battle and in all likelihood i would be convicted. Nevertheless, we came up with a plan and when favorable situations presented themselves Mr. Pritchett knew exactly how to use them to our advantage. Because of his thorough knowledge of how the system works he was able to get my DWI charge dismissed on June 8, 2018. I have learned my lesson and will NEVER drink and drive again but for those that make the mistake I highly recommend Mr. Pritchett. Thank you so much to everyone at Sclosser and Pritchett!

 by T. McCormick
Elite Law Firm

I was dealing with a HELLISH situation FACING FIVE FELONIES!!! I needed an Elite Law Firm ASAP!!!! A Law Firm interested in solving my problems and had worked on similar cases to mine. Thank God, I was referred to the right place. Schlosser and Pritchett, their Service and Professionalism is First-Class. :Always available when needed :My case was handled professionally :They offered stern, honest, uncut legal assistant along with moral support. Their sincere dedication to Justice was a breath of fresh air. They exceeded all my expectations and for that I am eternally GRATEFUL!!!!

 by Santino

I know there so many attorneys that represent people in courts in countless places including Greensboro, NC, US. However, each attorney or firm is differentiated from other lawyers by his or her expertise, knowledge, experience, and philosophical professionalism. I can't find words that would describe my satisfaction with Schlosser & Pritchett Firm when they helped me shake off the trouble I most got into. Please do not hesitate to contact this firm if you really want an assistance with your case.

 by Melanie

Schlosser and Pritchett handled my son's driving violation in court. They settled this on our behalf and we are so grateful for their professionalism and the outcome of the case. Very satisifed!

 by Dorothy Thrush
Professional & Compassionate

My son, who has huntington's chorea has a problem controlling his behavior and movements. It is a fatal illness and will only get worse. Jan Prichett and Mike Schlosser handled his case with professionalism and compassion. Hard to find any better attorneys anywhere.

 by Larry
Best Criminal Defense Firm

Best criminal defense firm in Greensboro. I can not express my gratitude enough. You and your team have helped me through a very trying time in my life. You have literally saved my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

 by David
Highly Recommended

As someone who travels regularly on business around the country, I find myself in many cities throughout the land. From time to time I am in need of professional services in an area where I know nobody, so I rely on the internet to locate the best of the best. This is one of those times. I was driving my way through Greensboro North Carolina, and unfortunately got into a little bit of a situation where I needed the services of a Greensboro criminal lawyer. That is where I found Former District Attorney Michael Schlosser. I can not go into the specifics of my case, but I can tell you I have never found a criminal lawyer more knowledgeable and accommodating then Michael Schlosser. He is always available to speak about your case. He always picks up your call or calls you back right away, and his advocate in the truest meaning of the word. I can not recommend him highly enough, and if you are looking for a top notch criminal defense lawyer in Greensboro, then look no further.

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