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Protestors are taking to the streets across America, including North Carolina – and some of them are armed.

Protestors have remained peaceful in most places, though some have gotten violent. That’s exactly what happened at a recent Charlotte protest, when 25 people were arrested at a previously peaceful rally.

However, you don’t have to be involved in violent behavior to be arrested at a protest in North Carolina. In fact, because of some laws in our state, one of the things most likely to make you a target of arrest here is [...]

Protests are sweeping the nation and many people are getting arrested as a result.

Numerous charges are being filed for many of the hundreds of people in North Carolina who have been taken into custody by the police. According to the Charlotte Observer, resisting a public officer and failure to disperse are two of the most frequently charged offenses.

If you choose to attend a protest, then you take the chance that you may be arrested. That’s why it’s crucial to understand just what your rights are at a protest as well [...]