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In the age of rapid technological advancement, the landscape of criminal activity has expanded beyond the traditional confines of the physical world. One of the most alarming and challenging aspects of this digital era is the rise of cyber predators, particularly in the realm of criminal sexual assault cases.

In North Carolina, where the legal system strives to keep pace with the evolving nature of criminal behavior, understanding the intersection of technology and predatory offenses is crucial. This blog aims to shed light on the impact of technology on cyber predators and the [...]

There are many crimes that may sound similar on their face, but once you dig a little deeper into the law, you see that they are very different. In North Carolina, sexual assault and assault on a female are two of those crimes.

While these crimes may sound alike, the truth is that there are major differences – both in the elements of the crimes and the penalties that can result in being found guilty of them.

Here is what you need to know about the difference between sexual assault and assault on [...]


Whether you’re married, dating, separated, living together, or divorced, sexual intercourse with another person through the use of force or without their consent is illegal in the state of North Carolina. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had intercourse with them previously – you must have their consent to have intercourse with them each time.

This type of situation often comes into play with marital rape. In North Carolina, it is a crime that can carry with it severe penalties. Don’t assume that a partner or former partner can be coerced or forced [...]

Until very recently (in 2019, to be exact), North Carolina had a loophole in its sexual consent laws knowns as the “Right to Finish.” This loophole meant that many women who felt they were raped never got the justice they deserved. 

Now that the loophole has been closed, sexual consent in North Carolina means something new. Here’s what you need to know about the changes in the law and what it means.

What Was the Law in North Carolina?

The loophole that was recently closed was based on a court decision from 1979 [...]

UNC recently released survey results regarding the campus climate on sexual misconduct and sexual assault. The statistics are staggering. Forty-five percent of undergraduate women reported they’d experienced some type of non-consensual sex during their time at the University of North Carolina. Nearly half.

Even with the heightened awareness and an ever-increasing prevalence of these occurrences across the nation, these numbers are still shocking. Among other findings, the UNC report also said: 

  • At least a third of UNC female undergrads are sexually assaulted during college.  
  • 1 in 5 UNC undergraduate women experience rape.