Category: Shoplifting / Retail Theft

Retail shoplifting is a growing problem in North Carolina and throughout the US.

According to recent reports, more than 90 percent of companies are victims of shoplifting every year.

In our state, shoplifting is punished as “larceny of goods,” and occurs when someone takes and carries an item without the owner’s consent, and with the intent of depriving the owner of that item permanently.

Below, we’ve listed 6 of the most commonly shoplifted items in North Carolina and the US.

Meat. As surprising as it seems, meat is one of the most commonly [...]

The first major mistake is not taking the charge seriously. Many people dismiss shoplifting as a minor charge, assuming they will face minimal consequences if convicted for a misdemeanor crime. However, this is far from the truth—a shoplifting charge poses a serious threat to your personal and financial freedom. If convicted, you could face heavy fines, jail time, and a stain on your permanent record. You could also be sued by the owner of the store for damages in civil court.

The second major mistake that people charged with shoplifting often make is [...]