Category: Aggravated Battery

Lawmakers have the tough job of adjusting legislation as the state, country, and world change. New technology, cultural shifts, and other factors may make old laws useless – or even dangerous. If lawmakers do not address outdated rules, they could be putting a group of people at risk for incarceration and harsh penalties.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what is happening right now in North Carolina. Teens are at risk of harsh and unfairly high penalties due to a recent trend in technology. If you have a teenager, you have to educate them on [...]

Not all crimes are the same. A crime that involves a specific victim or the presence of dangerous weapons may be considered more serious than a crime without either of those things.

The factors in each case can make a big difference in the actual charge and the sentence that is recommended if an individual is convicted. Factors that make a crime more serious are called “aggravating” factors. Factors that make a crime less serious are called “mitigating” factors.

There are a few different types of violent crimes in North Carolina. While many [...]