Category: Racial Profiling

Racial profiling, particularly in drug crime cases, has long been a contentious issue within the criminal justice system. North Carolina, like many other states, has witnessed the disproportionate targeting of individuals based on their race during drug crime arrests and prosecutions.

This blog delves into the significant impact of racial profiling in North Carolina’s drug crime cases, exploring real-life examples, legal implications, and the crucial role criminal lawyers play in fighting against discriminatory practices.

Understanding Racial Profiling in Drug Crime Cases

Racial profiling involves law enforcement targeting individuals based on their race or [...]

In North Carolina, the drug war rages on. Unfortunately, so does racial profiling in police work.

North Carolina law enforcement claims they target high-level drug traffickers in an effort to save lives, but they don’t engage in profiling. 

However, the data doesn’t seem to back up the assertion. They’ve been busy in the first quarter of 2021, seizing almost $65 million in illegal drugs. Throughout this activity, racial disparities in policing habits have become evident. 

The State Bureau of Investigation released data that shows minority drivers are more likely than white drivers [...]