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North Carolina law reflects federal law when it comes to guns – you have the right to bear arms. That doesn’t mean you can carry a gun or other weapon anywhere you want or any way that you want in this state. 

In fact, North Carolina gun statutes, in some ways, restrict the ability to carry a concealed gun. There are other weapons with restrictions on them as well. The law also outlined the serious consequences that violations can carry. 

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There are many reasons people like to carry concealed weapons. Some people simply feel safer knowing they have the weapon on them. Others are concerned about specific threats, like mugging or mass shootings. 

Regardless of the reason for having it, everyone needs to follow the law when out and about with a concealed weapon, and there are some important restrictions when it comes to concealed carry in North Carolina. Concealed weapons are never permitted in certain places, for example. 

Understanding when and where concealed carry weapons are permitted can prevent you from being [...]

In the wake of school shootings and increased violence, state Rep. Marcia Morey has introduced a bill in the North Carolina House of Representatives that would allow judges to issue court orders for the surrender of all firearms and ammunition when domestic violence allegations are filed.

House Bill 976 is being deemed as a red flag bill. Other red flag bills have been signed into law in nine states, and they are currently being proposed in 10 other states.

The passage of the bill will be difficult since Republicans hold the majority in [...]

Recently, we’ve had to hear about a lot of incidents where police officers confronted a citizen and ended up shooting that individual dead. In many of these cases, the police claim that they shot because the individual was armed – even though that has often proven not to be the truth.

And then there are situations where it’s not clear who is telling the truth and what really happened. Such is the case with the death of Keith Lamont Scott, and all gun owners in North Carolina need to pay attention to this [...]

Gun laws in North Carolina could see some big changes, and it might not be in the way you expect.

The massacre of 49 people at an Orlando nightclub in June became a catalyst for heated gun rights debates throughout the country. Many people were moved to speak to local lawmakers and political leaders about how gun restrictions (or loosening gun restrictions) can prevent another mass shooting. The next day, the North Carolina House of Representatives introduced HB 1148, an amendment that would eliminate the requirement to have a concealed carry permit.

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