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If you’re a North Carolina sex offender, then you know that you have to live by certain rules. Not abiding by the directives set forth by the state can land you in a lot of legal hot water, as one Flat Rock, N.C. man recently found out.

A man married to a woman who worked at a North Carolina middle school was arrested, along with his wife, for being on the school campus. Why? Because he was a registered sex offender. It is not legal for anyone who is a convicted sex offender [...]

There are several crimes identified as sex crimes under North Carolina law. These crimes are incredibly serious, and the penalties a person can face as a result of conviction are equally as grave.

It’s important for all citizens of North Carolina to understand what crimes are considered sex crimes as well as what can be faced if found guilty of one of these offenses. Here is what you need to know.

Sex Crimes in North Carolina

The North Carolina legislature has created the criminal code that defines sex crimes in the state. They [...]

Although North Carolina statutes do not mention “groping,” feeling up a person against their will is indeed a serious crime. A conviction could land offenders in prison.

Touching a person’s intimate body parts against their will is considered sexual battery. It’s covered in North Carolina General Statutes 14-27.33. The law states that a person is guilty of sexual battery if they engage in “sexual contact” with another person forcibly against their will for the purposes of sexual arousal, sexual abuse, or sexual gratification.

A person can also be found guilty of sexual battery [...]

In July of 2021, 61-year-old man residing in Citris County, Florida was charged with multiple counts of child sexual assault charges that took place in Lincoln County, North Carolina. The Lincoln County and Citrus County Law Enforcement agencies worked together to arrest the man at his home. He was placed in a Florida detention center as a fugitive from North Carolina. The man refused extradition to North Carolina from Florida. However, an extradition hearing was held, and he was ordered to return to North Carolina, where he was jailed in a North Carolina [...]

Break-ups have been hard since the beginning of human history. Because of this, exes have come up with plenty of unique and petty ways of hurting each other. Most of our “revenge” actions wouldn’t merit a call to law enforcement: being slow to return someone’s book, ignoring  calls, shutting the door extra-loud… 

However, the proliferation of the internet and smartphones has given far more of us the power to not only take intimate images and videos, but share them as well. When this is done without the permission of the person or people [...]