Category: Sex Crimes

In North Carolina, taking indecent liberties with a minor is a criminal act. If you get charged with this or any other sex crime, your best move is to seek the help of an experienced attorney to help defend you.

Sex crimes in the state, particularly those involving minors, can ruin your reputation and be something you spend the rest of your life paying for. Not only do you face imprisonment, fines, and probation, but also registration as a sex offender, something that can impact all aspects of your life for many years [...]

Statutory rape is a term that may mean different things, depending on the situation in which it is used or the state in which you reside. Some states define statutory rape as a sex act involving someone under 18, while others define it based on the ages of the parties involved.

In North Carolina, statutory rape again has its own definition. That’s why, if you are facing charges for it, it’s vital to understand the elements of this crime and what type of penalties you can face if you are ultimately convicted. Also, [...]

It’s been the source of drama in the news and made for television movies for decades: teachers having sex with students. It’s also perhaps one of the biggest betrayals of trust that can occur – and the law views it accordingly.

Recently in North Carolina, a teacher was accused of having a student over to her home while she was on house arrest for sexual abuse of that same student. She violated a judge’s order that barred her from having contact with the student and got arrested for violating that order.

In our [...]


Whether you’re married, dating, separated, living together, or divorced, sexual intercourse with another person through the use of force or without their consent is illegal in the state of North Carolina. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had intercourse with them previously – you must have their consent to have intercourse with them each time.

This type of situation often comes into play with marital rape. In North Carolina, it is a crime that can carry with it severe penalties. Don’t assume that a partner or former partner can be coerced or forced [...]

Sexually transmitted diseases are still prevalent and are a great risk to public health. If you are infected with an STD and know it, then you spread it to a sexual partner. If you do that, you may face criminal charges in the state of North Carolina.

This news may come as a surprise to many people. Some people may be aware that certain STDs, such as HIV and AIDS, can result in criminal charges if someone is positive and has sex without letting their partner know. But the law also extends to [...]