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Being accused of sexual assault is serious and can be very challenging to defend yourself against in court.

In North Carolina, managing the evidence you need in a trial can be very complicated, which is why an experienced attorney should be in your corner. Some cases involving sexual assault are won before the trial ever starts, by making sure some evidence cannot be admitted during the trial. But this strategy requires extensive knowledge of North Carolina’s laws, particularly a law referred to as the rape shield law.

What is the rape shield law [...]

The internet is a place where any type of information you want is just a touch of the finger away. But as anyone who has used the internet can tell you, it has its traps. One of those is internet sex crimes.

Yes, as much great information as there is on the internet, it’s also become an avenue for criminal activity. Many different types of sex crimes are either facilitated by or occur on the internet. Here is what you need to know about internet sex crimes in North Carolina and the penalties [...]

If you are charged in North Carolina with a crime against nature, then you may be left wondering what on earth you are being accused of. Many states no longer have laws like this on their books, which is effectively a law that criminalizes certain sexual acts. In North Carolina, this law is very much alive, and you may find yourself charged with this sex crime under certain circumstances.

If you are charged with a crime like this, then it’s vital to understand the charges against you and your rights in the situation. [...]

You hear the term “date rape” used in situations quite a lot, or you’ve perhaps heard it called “acquaintance rape.” However, under North Carolina law, date rape is simply rape, because it all comes down to the idea of consent.

Here is what you need to know about rape and date rape in North Carolina, including how the law defines it.

Rape in North Carolina: What Is It?

A person can commit rape in varying degrees in North Carolina. It all depends on the circumstances surrounding the case.

Rape in the first degree [...]

If you’re a North Carolina sex offender, then you know that you have to live by certain rules. Not abiding by the directives set forth by the state can land you in a lot of legal hot water, as one Flat Rock, N.C. man recently found out.

A man married to a woman who worked at a North Carolina middle school was arrested, along with his wife, for being on the school campus. Why? Because he was a registered sex offender. It is not legal for anyone who is a convicted sex offender [...]