Category: Hate Crimes

Last week, we laid out the basics of assault crimes: what can be considered assault in North Carolina, the different types of assault charges, and what penalties you may face if you are convicted of assault.

Let’s go back to the different types of assault charges for a second. Our state has very specific assault charges, including separate charges for castration, assaulting in a “secret manner,” and criminal use of a laser device. Many of these charges only come about if the act in question occurs against a specific demographic, such as women [...]

 A recent tragedy in Chapel Hill has quickly become a source of controversy around the globe. Last month, 46-year-old Craig Hicks was charged with shooting and killing three Muslims—a husband, wife, and the wife’s sister. The shootings sparked concerns that the violence may have been motivated by race and religion.

According to Hicks, the shootings were motivated by an argument over parking. However, the family of the victims’ believe his actions constituted a hate crime. According to the sister’s father, Hicks had frequently harassed the girls for being Muslims and wearing head scarves. [...]