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You hear the term “date rape” used in situations quite a lot, or you’ve perhaps heard it called “acquaintance rape.” However, under North Carolina law, date rape is simply rape, because it all comes down to the idea of consent.

Here is what you need to know about rape and date rape in North Carolina, including how the law defines it.

Rape in North Carolina: What Is It?

A person can commit rape in varying degrees in North Carolina. It all depends on the circumstances surrounding the case.

Rape in the first degree [...]

Rape in North Carolina has always been deemed a serious crime. However, the state divides it into different types. Statutory rape is one such offense, and it can get a person into serious legal trouble. While many people can define what rape means, fewer people can identify what makes statutory rape illegal in North Carolina.

Here’s what you need to know about rape and statutory rape in North Carolina, as well as the penalties in store if convicted of either crime.

Rape in North Carolina

North Carolina law defines two different degrees [...]

If you live around Smithfield, you may have read the story about the church youth coordinator who was arrested for raping a minor. Michael Jansco, 24, met the minor (a 15-year-old) while on a youth pilgrimage. The two were caught in a car parked outside of River Dell Elementary around 2:30 A.M. on a Sunday morning. At the time, Jansco told police that he was 18, but a background check revealed his actual age.

Due to the incident, Jansco has been arrested for statutory rape of a child. He is being held at [...]