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A DWI conviction in North Carolina comes with some of the most staggering criminal and civil penalties in the country — not to mention the additional financial cost associated with having one on your record. 

Get caught driving drunk with a child passenger, though, and you could find yourself in court battling child abuse charges, too. A child abuse conviction can leave you responsible for additional criminal penalties, and, potentially devastating civil consequences, namely losing custody of your child.

How DWI Charges Work in North Carolina

North Carolina has five levels of DWIs[...]

The conversation around child abuse and reasonable punishment has been going on since the beginning of parenting. Recently, the American Academy of Pediatrics published a policy statement urging parents not to spank or physically punish their children.

Still, it’s not against the law. It’s just a recommendation about how people should discipline their children.

Despite this, spanking and other types of corporal punishment may be mistaken for child abuse, and you need to take any charges very seriously. If you have been accused of abusing your child, you may face serious penalties.

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If you are facing a child abuse charge in North Carolina, you need to understand what the law states and what the charges involve. Let’s look at the law first.

What Constitutes Child Abuse in North Carolina

Child abuse charges encompass these various behaviors toward a minor:

  • Physical abuse: inflicting, allowing to be inflicted, or creating a significant risk for injury, besides what could occur by accident
  • Emotional abuse: use of abusive language, grossly inappropriate behavior, or cruel treatment, including abusive attempts at behavior modification
  • Sexual abuse: rape, incest, molestation, exposing a child