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Domestic violence is an issue that impacts may families in North Carolina. Due to this unfortunate fact, domestic violence in the state can be penalized very harshly – and charges can become quite complicated.

While domestic violence crimes can be charged as misdemeanors and felonies, the results of being charged with a crime of this magnitude can be surprising to some people. Therefore, it is important that every citizen understands what the state of North Carolina considers domestic violence and when the line crosses between a misdemeanor and a felony.

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The courts in North Carolina, as well as law enforcement agencies, believe domestic violence to be a very serious matter in the state, something reflected in the laws. While many people think they know what domestic violence is, they may not understand its impact or how it’s handled at the state level.

It’s a good idea for all from North Carolina to understand how the law views domestic violence and grasp things that many people do not know. Here are three things every person in North Carolina should know about domestic violence.



Domestic violence is a crime that touches the lives of many people in North Carolina. That is precisely why the state takes claims of domestic violence crimes very seriously and prosecutes them to the fullest extent of the law.

However, there are several things about how North Carolina deals with domestic violence that people aren’t familiar with. Often, these things are overlooked by people who may be involved in a domestic violence case – but they shouldn’t be.

If you’re involved in a domestic violence case, there are five very important things you [...]

Any type of conviction can be a stain on your criminal record, but some criminal convictions come with added obstacles – like impacting your right to own a gun.

When it comes to domestic violence in North Carolina, you could be looking at more than jail time and fines for a conviction. If you are found guilty of an offense of domestic violence in the state, then North Carolina law says you can’t obtain a gun permit. And federal law has the same restrictions.

Even for misdemeanor offenses, your second amendment rights can [...]

In the state of North Carolina, domestic violence is a complicated crime that can leave a lasting impact on everyone involved. Domestic violence can cause physical and emotional injuries, even resulting in death in the most serious cases.

Understandably, people tend to have a lot of questions about domestic violence in North Carolina. We’ve gathered some of your most frequently asked questions here and given the answers you need in case you find yourself accused of domestic violence.

What Is Domestic Violence?

First and foremost, we should talk about what the state of [...]