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For individuals with a criminal record, North Carolina offers two distinct legal processes – expungement and nondisclosure orders – each designed to provide a clean slate and protect personal privacy. In this blog post, we’ll explore the nuances of both options and delve into the benefits they offer regarding record privacy.

Understanding Expungement and Order of Non-Disclosure:

Before diving into a comparison, it’s essential to understand the fundamental differences between expungement and nondisclosure orders.


Expungement is a legal process involving the erasure or sealing of criminal records. Once an individual’s record is [...]

Juvenile offenses can impact young people’s lives, affecting their educational opportunities, future employment prospects, and overall well-being. In North Carolina, juvenile records are not automatically expunged once a person reaches a certain age, which can be a significant concern for those seeking a fresh start. However, the state does offer expungement options for eligible individuals, providing a chance to clear their records and move forward with a clean slate. 

Understanding Juvenile Records in North Carolina

The Department of Public Safety maintains juvenile records in North Carolina and can include information about arrests, charges, [...]

If you have a criminal record in North Carolina, you may wonder how to clear your record and move on with your life. The process of clearing your criminal record is known as expungement. In North Carolina, expungement allows certain criminal charges and convictions to be removed from your record. Here’s what you need to know about the ins and outs of expungement in North Carolina.

What is Expungement?

Expungement is the process of removing certain criminal charges or convictions from your record. Expungement can help you overcome past mistakes and make finding [...]

A criminal record can have long-lasting negative consequences for individuals in North Carolina. Fortunately, there is a legal remedy for those who have turned their lives around and wish to move forward with a clean slate. Record sealing, or expungement, is the process of removing certain criminal records from public access. Sealing a record can have many benefits, including improved job opportunities, housing options, and the ability to participate in certain civic activities. In this article, we will explore the benefits of sealing your North Carolina record.

Improved Job Opportunities in North Carolina[...]

If you’ve had a DUI in North Carolina, then the words “background check” may strike fear in your heart. That’s understandable, as background checks are normally done for important things such as getting a new job.

If you’ve had a DUI, chances are you don’t want people to know about it, but it’s inevitable that anyone doing a background check on you will find it. That’s why many people want to know if a DUI in North Carolina can be expunged from their record or not.

The answer to that question is more [...]