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Summer is here! It’s time for beach trips, barbecues, and some much-needed relaxation.

And since everyone in North Carolina is going to be thinking the exact same thing, now is also the best time to refresh your memory on ways to stay safe behind the wheel – because our roads are about to get a lot more crowded!

Unfortunately, our friends and neighbors don’t have the best reputation for safe driving already. And summertime is one of the most dangerous times for traffic-related accidents and fatalities.

So how do you avoid injuries and [...]

It may not come as a surprise to many current residents of our state, but a recent study ranked North Carolina drivers among the worst in the nation.

Specifically, our drivers ranked 12th out of 51 states (including the District of Columbia) in a study by, placing it in the top quarter of most dangerous states to drive in, just shy of the top 10.

Montana and South Carolina were tied in the #1 spot for most dangerous drivers, followed by Texas, North Dakota, and Delaware. Minnesota was ranked the safest [...]