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If you are facing drug possession charges in the Greensboro area, you understand how serious these charges are and that the repercussions will have a major impact on your life and freedom. Schlosser & Pritchett, one of the leading criminal defense law firms in Greensboro, can be trusted to provide you with an experienced, knowledgeable drug crimes lawyer. Our defense team has extensive insight into the Greensboro area prosecution strategy. Our lawyers are all former district attorneys whose background qualifies them to offer you the best defense and outcome possible.

Your drug possession charges in the Greensboro area will be handled using every resource available to our legal team. We are familiar and experienced with all aspects of drug possession charges, from basic possession to more complex charges of drug trafficking. Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony, you need the best representation possible to fight these charges, in order to achieve the best outcome.

Drug possession charges in the Greensboro area are prosecuted according to the governmental classifications of the drug involved. Ranging from the most addictive drugs on “Schedule I” to the least addictive drugs on “Schedule VI,” these schedules determine the potential incarceration period for each class of drug charges.

Our well-experienced Greensboro drug crime defense attorneys will work on your behalf to lessen your punishment, with all of the resources available through the legal system. There are many errors made during drug arrests and our drug crime defense attorneys can quickly spot errors in procedures or testimony.

Drug crimes in North Carolina carry heavy penalties, so your choice of defense lawyer is even more critical. In many cases, the same drug crime that would carry a sentence of 30 to 60 days in New York, would carry a much longer sentence in North Carolina. Our state has little tolerance for drug possession crimes and the sentences can be harsh. It takes a local law firm, with knowledge of the state laws and experience with the prosecution techniques in the area to handle these cases and achieve the best possible outcome.

Anyone charged with drug possession in the Greensboro area is, understandably, going to be apprehensive about the consequences. When one’s lifestyle, career and family are threatened, one must choose the path that offers the best chance of reducing the penalties.

There are many cases in which the law allows drug charges to be dismissed or reduced, such as police officers not having a valid reason to stop you or to search you, among others. An experienced Greensboro drug crimes defense attorney is your best chance to fight any drug possession charges and at Schlosser & Pritchett, our attorneys will fight for your rights.

Schlosser & Pritchett will provide you with an experienced drug crimes defense attorney who is a former district attorney and whose extensive knowledge of the local and state judicial system will work on your behalf to achieve the best possible results.

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