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So you’ve been charged with assault. The incident may have been the result of uncontrolled anger, a one-time offense, or a slip-up that calls for rehabilitation, but not punishment. Being punished is exactly what’s going to happen, though, unless you fight back, and you’re not going to like the penalties that the prosecutor tries to stick you with.

Want to give yourself the best chance at a positive outcome? In order to properly defend against assault charges, you have to understand how the law works in North Carolina.

Understanding Your Assault Charges

What [...]

If you’re charged with assault in North Carolina, you could be facing a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the circumstances of the supposed crime.

A simple assault is the most basic type of assault. Someone commits simple assault if they unlawfully touch someone or perform a show of violence. A show of violence means that someone threatens violence without necessarily acting on it.

For example, if someone raises a fist like they are going to hit you, but they don’t actually hit you, that is a show of violence. So it’s important [...]