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If you have been charged with a crime, it’s important to get on the phone with a criminal defense attorney and discuss your options for defending yourself, as well as the most likely outcomes for your case.

But which defense attorney do you call? How do you know if one lawyer is better than another? What should you look for?

Below you’ll learn about the qualities you want in a criminal defense attorney to give you the best chance at a successful outcome.

Don’t Hire a Criminal Lawyer Unless They Meet These Criteria

Experience in the Area You Need. The first thing you will need to do is narrow your options to criminal defense attorneys. That may seem obvious, but if you have gone through other legal situations, you may be tempted to call up a lawyer you’ve worked with before.

Unfortunately, the person who helped you settle divorce negotiations or wrote up your will aren’t going to be able to help in this situation. Criminal defense attorneys specialize in helping people who have been accused of or charged with a crime.

Some criminal defense attorneys focus on different areas of the law, such as white collar crimes, DUI charges, or traffic violations. Find a lawyer who has experience and success working in the area of the law that you are accused of violating.

Experience Working in Your Area. It helps to have a lawyer who has been to the courtrooms and interacted with the prosecutors or judges around the area in which your case will be tried. If you are arrested in the Greensboro area, for example, you will want to get in contact with a Greensboro lawyer. He or she will have a better idea of your likely outcomes based on the lawyer’s experience in similar cases around the area.

Experience on the Other Side – There are always two sides to every case. If possible, find a lawyer who has worked on both sides. If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney, ask if they have any experience working as a prosecutor or a judge. These types of experiences give lawyers a better look into how the prosecutor will approach a case and plan their strategy.

Greensboro Criminal Defense Attorney

The Drive to Earn More Experience. The law continues to change. A good criminal defense attorney should be constantly working to add on new skills and grow their knowledge as a lawyer.

Look at your criminal defense attorney’s resume and the summary of their career. What areas of the law are they certified in? Can they represent clients in federal court, or just state courts? Do they serve their community? How are they using their knowledge to educate the community?

A Lawyer Willing to Involve You in the Process – Although a criminal defense attorney’s most important job is to get you the best outcome in your case, you don’t want someone who basically tells you to keep quiet and let them work. Their view of a “good” outcome may not match yours, and you could find yourself engaging in a strategy you disagree with.

What you really want is someone who can simplify and clarify the law for you so that you understand what’s going on and make better decisions.

Trying to find a Greensboro lawyer with all of these qualities? Look no further than Schlosser & Pritchett Law. Our experienced attorneys offer well-rounded experience and a passion for law, and we are more than willing to guide you through this process and fight passionately to get you the most positive outcome possible. Get started with a free consultation by reaching out to us today.

About the Author:

Jan Elliott Pritchett
 is Managing Partner at the Law Firm of Schlosser & Pritchett and one of North Carolina’s top rated criminal defense attorneys. With a practice dedicated 100% to litigation, Mr. Pritchett protects the legal rights of clients who have been charged in federal and state criminal matters, as well as DUI/DWi, motor vehicle accidents, personal injury, and traffic violations. In practice since 1995, Mr. Pritchett has earned a reputation as a highly talented and fearless lawyer, being listed among the state’s “Legal Elite” and recognized as one of the Top 100 DWI Lawyers in North Carolina by the National Advocacy of DUI Defense.  He currently serves as the Co-Chairman of the North Carolina State Board of Legal Specialization, Criminal Law Specialty, and Vice-Chairman of the North Carolina Bar Association, Criminal Justice Section.


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