Category: Traffic Violations

We usually associate getting pulled over in a car with a simple traffic issue – speeding, running a red light or stop sign, failing to use a turn signal, and so on. These traffic violations are considered minor offenses called infractions. When we get a minor infraction, the police officer writes us a ticket, we have to pay a fine, and there may be negative effects for our driving record or car insurance rates.

Sometimes, however, people get pulled over for a traffic violation that isn’t so minor. Instead of being pulled over [...]

You might not think much of forgetting to wear your seat belt or forgetting to renew your license plate, but these are both example of traffic violations in North Carolina. When you violate state traffic laws, you commit a criminal offense.

That said, many traffic violations are considered to be minor offenses, and are penalized by fines and added points to your license and insurance record. However, even minor traffic offenses can lead to serious penalties if you are charged with multiple infractions over a certain period of time. In addition, some types [...]

As a driver, there are a million things you need to be aware of. While you’re behind the wheel, you need to be watching the road in front of you, behind you, and to the side of you. You need to know all the laws of the road—when to yield, when to merge, and what the different colored lines on the road mean. And off the road, there is even more information to stay on top of—making sure your registration doesn’t run out, keeping your insurance up to date, and so on. But [...]

Local traffic charges may sound minor, but if you get a traffic ticket in Greensboro, it could have a serious impact on your life. Traffic convictions are a matter of public record. Too many can result in suspension of your driver’s license and they can increase the amount you have to pay for automobile insurance. Taking advantage of the convenience of mailing a check for a traffic ticket in Greensboro is equal to pleading guilty to the charges.

If you have received even one traffic ticket in Greensboro, but especially if you have [...]

You know how it is: as usual, you’re running late for work. You think, “I’ll make those calls on the road to save time.” So you pick up your phone and start dialing. Or maybe you’re running late and decide to text your boss to let her know. Makes sense, right? In our busy schedules, any way to cut corners and save time is a big help.

Unfortunately, your time-saving strategy is actually a form of “distracted driving,” an illegal activity that can not only earn you a traffic ticket, but it can [...]