Category: Traffic Violations

You were just running an errand and didn’t know how heavy your foot was on the pedal. This is your first time to be stopped—and you got a ticket. Or, you know you habitually run afoul of the traffic cops, and you have a sheath of tickets to your name. The next one will for sure lose you your license. Whether first time or multiple times, you don’t want to be like the Greensboro-area motorcyclist stopped for clocking 76 mph in a 50-mph zone, only to have had suspected marijuana found on his [...]

If you have been issued a citation by the Greensboro police and you are like most people, you will probably just pay the traffic ticket and move on. However, that is not always the best thing to do. When you pay a citation, the courts consider that an admission of guilt, and that guilt can cost you more than just the citation fee since it will result in points against your record and cause your insurance rates to increase. Before paying off a citation so that you can just be done with it, [...]