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When you’re served with a North Carolina protective order, it can be a confusing and frustrating experience. After all, what does it mean to have a protective order filed against you for domestic violence? And what are your options?

Here is what you need to know about North Carolina protective orders and what you should do if you are served with one.

What Is a North Carolina Protective Order?

Most people refer to protective orders as retraining orders, but, under the law of the state, there are basically two types of protective orders [...]

When you are arrested and charged with a crime, the evidence against you is the cornerstone of the prosecution’s case. That’s why the police try so hard at an arrest to ensure that they gather any and all evidence against you.

However, it’s not legal for police to simply search you, your home, or any of your property just to see what they can find. They must have the legal right to do that search in the first place.

But how do you know if a search against you was legal or not? [...]

Being accused of sexual assault is serious and can be very challenging to defend yourself against in court.

In North Carolina, managing the evidence you need in a trial can be very complicated, which is why an experienced attorney should be in your corner. Some cases involving sexual assault are won before the trial ever starts, by making sure some evidence cannot be admitted during the trial. But this strategy requires extensive knowledge of North Carolina’s laws, particularly a law referred to as the rape shield law.

What is the rape shield law [...]

In the state of North Carolina, domestic violence is a complicated crime that can leave a lasting impact on everyone involved. Domestic violence can cause physical and emotional injuries, even resulting in death in the most serious cases.

Understandably, people tend to have a lot of questions about domestic violence in North Carolina. We’ve gathered some of your most frequently asked questions here and given the answers you need in case you find yourself accused of domestic violence.

What Is Domestic Violence?

First and foremost, we should talk about what the state of [...]