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You were just running an errand and didn’t know how heavy your foot was on the pedal. This is your first time to be stopped—and you got a ticket. Or, you know you habitually run afoul of the traffic cops, and you have a sheath of tickets to your name. The next one will for sure lose you your license. Whether first time or multiple times, you don’t want to be like the Greensboro-area motorcyclist stopped for clocking 76 mph in a 50-mph zone, only to have had suspected marijuana found on his person. Don’t let your speeding violations make you feel like a desperate criminal—seek out the experienced and aggressive defense of a Greensboro speeding ticket lawyer.

Things can escalate from a traffic stop. What if the motorcyclist had left a friend’s home, wearing that friend’s jacket that had the pot in it? What if you are a first-timer who was unfairly buttonholed by police and you want to fight the ticket? What if you fear that your next traffic stop will be the one that strips you of your license because of unpaid previous tickets? In all these cases, the seasoned and caring legal help of an experienced Greensboro speeding ticket lawyer—Schlosser & Pritchett—can be at your side fighting for you.

Most of the speeding ticket trouble we get into is the result of simple ignorance of the laws concerning motor vehicle violations, what police can search for at a traffic stop, and what leeway you have if you are facing multiple speeding tickets. In these situations and more, Schlosser & Pritchett can sit you down, carefully detail your options, and offer you a bit of optimism where you may have seen none previously. They are the Greensboro speeding ticket lawyer who can fight towards your best possible outcome. Call them today.

Whether you want to contest your first ever speeding ticket or you’re caught in the web of multiple speeding violations that you’ve never taken care of, you can use a seasoned Greensboro speeding ticket lawyer who knows North Carolina motor vehicle laws. The Law Firm of Schlosser & Pritchett is known for their expert and savvy representation of clients.

If you need to resolve a speeding ticket, Schlosser & Pritchett are your best choice for speeding ticket defense in Greensboro. To contact us for a free consultation, call our office at 336.292.4076, or visit our web page at

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