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While the laws in each state differ, every state requires that law enforcement be provided on the local level with information about individuals convicted of sex offenses. This is also true for North Carolina, whether those offenses happened in this state or not. 

If you live in North Carolina and have been convicted of a crime that places you on the sex offender list in another state, then North Carolina requires you to register here as well.

Here’s what you need to know about the sex offender registry in North Carolina such as what crimes require you to register, how you register, and what you need to know if you’re a sex offender from another state.

What Is North Carolina’s Sex Offender Registry?

The Sex Offender Registry in North Carolina is meant to help law enforcement protect the communities in which they live. It requires anyone convicted of certain offenses to register with law enforcement agencies. 

They must provide information to those agencies about yourself such as your address, weight, height, and birthdate. Registering as a sex offender can impact where you are allowed to live and work, as well as any professional licensures you may possess.

What Convictions Require You to Register as an NC Sex Offender?

There are many offenses, both misdemeanor, and felony crimes, that require a convicted person to register as a sex offender. You are required to register for 30 years to life for crimes that are considered reportable convictions. 

That can include sexually violent convictions such as first-degree rape or sexual battery, offenses against a minor such as kidnapping or felonious restraint, and offenses such as secretly peeping on a child 14 or under.

What About Convictions From Other States?

If you are convicted in any state of an offense that requires you to register as a sex offender, then you must register no matter where you reside. 

Even if you are convicted in one state and move to another, you are subject to the same conditions throughout the time you are required to register. 

It doesn’t matter if you move from a state with stricter restrictions to a state that isn’t as strict, you cannot move away from the crime you were originally convicted of the registration is required.

What Restrictions Must NC Sex Offenders Adhere To?

There are several restrictions put on a sex offender that must register. The whole idea behind the registry is to help protect the public from those who may commit additional crimes of a sexual nature. 

Due to this, a registered sex offender cannot live near a place, such as a school, where children are found. They cannot work with or around children and cannot have a commercial driver’s license with a P or S endorsement. 

They must also report any changes in their lives to law enforcement such as a change of employment or address.

Can You Be Removed From the North Carolina Registry?

Can You Be Removed From the North Carolina Registry?

There are ways to have your name taken off the sex offender registry. In general, at about the 10-year mark you can petition the court for your removal

That will be determined by the terms of the conviction in the original state you were sentenced in, however, and not the state in which you currently live.

In North Carolina, there are many complex considerations for the court. A case must be built to show why you would make a good candidate for removal from the registry. You must also show that you can return to society without restriction. In many cases, your actions and history since being convicted will have a large bearing on your case.

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