Category: (VOP) Probation Violations

If you were convicted of a criminal offense and given probation, you probably consider yourself lucky. Probation means that the penalties you could have received for your crime (jail time, fines) are currently suspended in the hopes that you will complete your probation with no violations.

Unfortunately, many individuals on probation can end up feeling like they are jumping through hoops in order to avoid violating their terms. Probation violations can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Failing to pay court fees or fines
  • Failing a drug or alcohol test
  • Failure

Being let out of jail (or avoiding jail altogether) to go on probation is an odd balance between a relief and a burden. While probation does give you many freedoms that you do not have in jail, many feel that they are walking on eggshells trying to meet the terms of their probation to avoid re-arrest.

Why? Because while you do not have to stay in a jail cell all day, probation may limit the places you can go and how long you can leave the town where you live – and that’s [...]

Being sentenced to probation is often both a relief and incredibly stressful. You are out of jail, but you may still feel like you’re imprisoned.

When you’re on probation, you walk a fine line and may constantly live with the fear that you will end up in prison for violating your probation. But even if you are charged with a violation, there are ways to avoid jail time and prove your innocence.

Below, we’re going to explore the different ways you can defend against your probation violation:

Inconsistencies or Mishandling By the Court.[...]

If you’ve been sentenced to probation, you might be relieved that you didn’t have to serve any time in jail. But probation can also be quite restrictive and take away many freedoms that you’re used to having.

It might be difficult to understand the lengthy terms and conditions of your probation. But if you don’t fully comprehend what you can and cannot do, you could be at risk for violating your probation and end up in jail – even though you were originally able to avoid that sentence.

Depending on the nature of [...]

Though typically preferable to serving jail time, going through probation is far from easy. With probation comes a set of strict rules that you must follow closely—or risk serious legal repercussions.

When a court grants you probation, you are provided with a list of rules that you must comply with. Break, ignore, or refuse one of the terms at any time, and you could be charged with probation violation.

Acts that may be considered probation violations may depend on the unique terms of your probation. We’ve listed seven of the most common ways [...]