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In November 2013, Second Amendment advocates were angered by a federal district court’s decision to uphold a law that bans for life anyone convicted of domestic violence from owning a firearm. The decision stated,

“The government has demonstrated that domestic violence misdemeanants are likely to commit acts of domestic violence again and that, if they do so with a gun, the risk of death to the victim is significantly increased.”

This means that if you have been found guilty of any kind of domestic violence, even if it did not involve the use [...]

Insane. Insane that it ever gets to such a point. Recent reports from local Greensboro media outlets tell the sad story of a man arrested for murder after shooting his domestic partner and attempting to kill himself after a standoff with police.


His partner’s attempts to evict him turned into her calling 911 to report domestic violence, and later, into murder. Investigators found out afterward that the couple had had a previous instance of domestic violence that had not been reported to police. Your life can be insane enough when domestic violence [...]