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Memorial Day is historically a time to cut loose and celebrate both loved ones lost and the beginning of summer. However, celebration can sometimes can lead to run-ins with the law.

Aside from DUIs, one of the most common criminal charges on big party days like this is disorderly conduct. Although this is only a misdemeanor and has relatively minor criminal consequences, you’re still left with a criminal record that affects many aspects of life.

Below we cover North Carolina’s laws surrounding disorderly conduct, and some of the criminal and civil consequences you [...]

In our state, no person may be prosecuted solely for being intoxicated in a public place. So, if you were charged with drunk and disorderly conduct this past New Year’s Eve, you may have felt completely blindsided. After all, New Year’s is a night when virtually everyone who ventures out in public is celebrating, and probably a little bit “disorderly.”

Thankfully, if you feel an error was made, there is a multitude of potential defenses that can be used to fight back against disorderly conduct charges, and an experienced misdemeanor attorney will be [...]