North Carolina Criminal Law Attorneys

At the Law Firm of Schlosser & Pritchett, we understand and appreciate the rights of the accused in our judicial system, the traditional importance of defending those rights, and the opportunity that should be available to all citizens to receive competent legal representation.

In trial situations where that understanding and appreciation is not present, the chance of conviction is often more likely. The greater the chances of a criminal conviction, the more devastating those consequences can be. Criminal charges against you must be vigorously defended. If the government is trying to convict you of a crime, our firm will work long and hard to protect your rights.

The point we can’t emphasize enough is that you should contact Schlosser & Pritchett when experience counts in dealing with your urgent legal needs. Contact us when only the invaluable assistance of a truly battle-tested, successful lawyer will do.

Our Schlosser & Pritchett Practice Areas

Just because we have selectively limited the scope of our practice focus to criminal defense, personal injury, and workers’ compensation issues does not mean we don’t consider ourselves versatile. The following major areas often present us with a number of rewarding challenges in capably representing you:

Criminal Defense

Personal Injury

Regardless of the fascinating category in which your case falls, you’ll receive the same round-the-clock personal attention and constant accessibility to us that clients represented in other areas enjoy. We strive to make your tour of the legal process as painless as possible, guiding and educating you every step of the way.

Your Initial Consultation

You should obtain proven, creative legal representation when the charges against you are so serious that experience counts. We place special focus on criminal defense, DUI, accident personal injury, and workers’ compensation claims. Our twenty-five-year track record of helping North Carolinians from all walks of life speaks for itself.

Our Greensboro law offices are available to you via phone, fax, or e-mail. Contact us today to arrange your free initial consultation.