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Amtrak train Carolinian No. 80 was making its way from Charlotte to New York when it slammed into a tractor trailer at an intersection in Halifax County. The driver of the truck had been struggling to make a left turn when the train appeared and struck the rig. The force of the collision sent debris flying, and caused the locomotive and baggage cars of the train to derail.

While the driver of the trailer was not injured, 55 of the 212 aboard were rushed to the hospital. The Halifax County Sheriff’s Office, the [...]

Claims adjusters are hired by insurance companies to evaluate your insurance claim, and are responsible for deciding whether the company must pay your claim—and if so, how much. After filing a personal injury claim, you may come to be “close” with your claims adjuster.

Unfortunately, claims adjusters are generally less interested in your well-being and recovery as they are in securing the maximum profit for their company. Claims adjusters are trained by insurance companies to find ways to undermine your insurance claim, and may even receive extra compensation if they manage to settle [...]

 Due to the inflated cost of auto insurance, there are many cars and other motor vehicles without liability insurance on our roadways today. 

While this percentage is relatively small compared to other states (the national average was 12.6% in 2012), North Carolina’s problem with uninsured drivers can suddenly become very serious to someone involved in an accident with a driver who is uninsured. After all, it is the at-fault driver’s insurance that typically pays out the compensation necessary to cover the high costs of medical bills and lost wages.

If you have been [...]

What is Personal Injury Law?

If you’ve been involved in an accident or injury case in North Carolina, both state statute and common law will interact to determine the potential outcome of your case. The attorneys of Schlosser and Pritchett can help you navigate these legal rules in order to reach the best possible result. It is important to know exactly what these statutes and laws are for your peace of mind, and Schlosser and Pritchett is here to help.

Personal injury law protects those who have suffered because of negligent or intentional [...]