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A North Carolina girl, pregnant at 15, never expected to be put in this situation. In her small conservative town, she felt the community pressuring her to marry the 17-year-old father and take the responsibility for getting pregnant to “make it right.” 

Now 40 years old, court documents show that she had endured years of abuse, just like numerous other teenagers in North Carolina today. She is still trying to escape the torment of her child’s father, while also working to advocate for victims of domestic violence.

North Carolina is aiming to reduce [...]

If you’ve been charged with a drug crime, you might be feeling scared and confused — justifiably so. In North Carolina, the law (or statute) prohibiting drugs is fairly simple, but penalties for those crimes vary greatly depending on the type of drug, the amount, and the accused’s previous criminal record. 

Manufacturing, distribution, and possession of controlled substances are all illegal in North Carolina under one statute. 

The North Carolina Controlled Substance Act outlines exactly what is included in manufacturing, distributing, and possessing controlled substances as well as the penalties for the varying [...]

In July of 2021, 61-year-old man residing in Citris County, Florida was charged with multiple counts of child sexual assault charges that took place in Lincoln County, North Carolina. The Lincoln County and Citrus County Law Enforcement agencies worked together to arrest the man at his home. He was placed in a Florida detention center as a fugitive from North Carolina. The man refused extradition to North Carolina from Florida. However, an extradition hearing was held, and he was ordered to return to North Carolina, where he was jailed in a North Carolina [...]

Driving while impaired, or DWI, convictions are one of the most common criminal offenses in the United States. However, North Carolina’s impaired driving statutes describe the different levels of impaired driving convictions into six classifications, each with a difference in severity. 

In this post, we will discuss the laws surrounding impaired driving convictions, the penalties you will likely face, and the factors that affect your sentencing. We will find that different factors may positively or negatively affect your sentencing. We will provide you the information you need to understand the judicial path that [...]

Stalking is a serious crime in North Carolina. It’s an invasion of privacy that not only makes victims fearful in the moment but can also be traumatic for them in the long term. This is why North Carolina has specific laws that make stalking against the law.

However, stalking doesn’t usually happen in a vacuum. It is a crime that has close ties to both sexual assault and domestic violence. If someone is found to perpetrate stalking against a person who qualifies as a domestic violence victim, the consequences can be even [...]