Archives for: October 21st, 2020

Human trafficking is a crime that most people assume can never really happen to them. The truth is, it isn’t always what the public imagines. Human sex trafficking happens in many different places and it can take many forms. 

In fact, recent human trafficking convictions for the leaders of the cult, NXIVM (NEX-ee-um), show how human trafficking can sneak its way into the most unlikely places. 

In the case of NXIVM, it was under the guise of professional enrichment and self-empowerment courses whose inner-most circles were accused of participating in harmful mind [...]

A single case requiring convictions on multiple offenses presents the court with a big decision: Whether the sentences should be completed concurrently or consecutively. You may be wondering what types of crimes would warrant a consecutive sentence. 

One great example involves a North Carolina man who, according to USA Today, was recently charged with over 300 sex crimes that involve over 130 children just this year. 

While all people are innocent until proven guilty under North Carolina sex crime laws, if the man is convicted, then he could be facing consecutive sentences [...]

Way back at the early dawn of man, your ancestors developed a fight or flight response that helped to keep them alive as they hunted wooly mammoths and avoided the jaws of saber toothed tigers. 

Since then, the mammoths and sabretooth are gone, but the fight and flight responses still remain – and sometimes can get you into trouble.

Today the fight-or-flight instinct humans still have can come in handy. It allows you to survive dangerous situations and to handle stressful times. Driving a car is actually included. That said, when a car [...]