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An aspect of society that few people ever think about unless you’ve been personally affected, coronavirus has been a bit of a gamechanger for those on probation. 

While North Carolina probation hearings are continuing, as usual, there are functions of probation that have proven challenging to maintain, and these issues are making it difficult to keep up specific requirements of their probation terms. 

How do you maintain gainful employment if your employer is temporarily closed? What if you’re enrolled in school or a treatment program, but the pandemic has shut the institution [...]

The online world provides a lot of valuable services to people, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Authorities in North Carolina have seen a reduction in drug crimes while everyone is staying at home — nearly a 26-percent decline in violations related to drugs according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police data. 

Still, a whole new world of online drug trafficking may just be beginning.

Let this be a reminder: Drug violations are still illegal, whether they happen in person or online…and penalties are as stiff as ever. 

The Different Types of Drug Crimes in North Carolina