Archives for: February 24th, 2020

Aggravated assault is no ordinary assault charge. When an assault is “aggravated” it signals something or someone in the case made the incident even more dangerous. Factors will vary from case to case. 

Even as the country is experiencing a downtrend in the rates of aggravated assault, North Carolina has seen an increase in these types of crimes. A government report found that in 2017, violent crimes increased statewide by 2.3%. Murder and rape rates decreased, but aggravated assault rates increased by almost 4%.  

Furthermore, while aggravated assaults are often painted as assault [...]

There are many reasons people like to carry concealed weapons. Some people simply feel safer knowing they have the weapon on them. Others are concerned about specific threats, like mugging or mass shootings. 

Regardless of the reason for having it, everyone needs to follow the law when out and about with a concealed weapon, and there are some important restrictions when it comes to concealed carry in North Carolina. Concealed weapons are never permitted in certain places, for example. 

Understanding when and where concealed carry weapons are permitted can prevent you from being [...]

While the nation celebrates an overall decline in burglary crimes, Greensboro numbers seem to be climbing. Here, not only are home burglaries becoming more common; burglary rates are increasing at an alarming pace. 

Burglaries in the city have reportedly increased by more than 20 percent between 2018 to 2019. As a result, you can be certain that law enforcement officials are sitting up and taking notice. 

With technology like doorbell cameras, home surveillance systems, and even evidence from Alexa and Google Home, you can bet it’s going to be easier than ever [...]