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Domestic violence cases can come with stigmas and stereotypes of what an abuser looks like. In a straight relationship, women are often viewed as more sympathetic or victims – even if they are actually the abuser. These stereotypes are even more harmful when LGBTQ victims come forward and ask for protection. 

That’s right. We know well that domestic violence happens in same-sex relationships, too, and at higher rates than many people might expect. How high?

  • 43.8% of lesbian women have experienced physical domestic violence (“rape, physical violence, and/or stalking”) by an intimate partner 

The spookiest night of the year is just around the corner. Celebrated by the young and the old, Halloween can be a great family fun night for everyone in North Carolina. 

Often, though, teenagers would rather be having ghoulish fun with their friends. There’s nothing wrong with this on its face… but frequently that translates to having a party with alcohol.

Underage drinking is a major problem for teens in North Carolina, and as a parent or guardian, you have a responsibility to make sure that your teen is not getting up to [...]

Burglary is a serious crime that may result in imprisonment in North Carolina. Due to the severity of this crime, it is important to understand how the charges against you may unfold. 

There are several effective defenses against burglary that can help you fight back against the charges.

NC Burglary Defined

There are three core components required in order for a crime to be classified as a burglary in our state. These are as follows:

  • The act of entering must have been into a building or occupied structure
  • The act of entering must

Understanding why kids commit crimes is essential to preventing these crimes from happening in the first place. Any minor who breaks state or federal law by committing a crime is known as a juvenile delinquent. Juvenile delinquency is a broad term used to define both minor violations (such as habitual truancy) and major violations such as arson or burglary. Minors include kids and teens under the age of 18. 

Identifying the various issues that lead to a kid committing a crime is the first step in helping the minor change their behavior in [...]