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After being charged with a crime, many of our clients voice the biggest concern over all else: “Will I go to jail?” 

While incarceration is certainly no fun, going to jail or prison may not be the worst penalty you encounter if you are being convicted of a crime in North Carolina. 

For many North Carolinians convicted of a criminal offense — whether major or minor — the most devastating consequence is the lifelong stain on your criminal record.  

How and When Your Criminal Record Can Be Used

In simple terms, a criminal [...]

Although many of us tend to use the terms interchangeably,  theft and robbery are two different crimes in North Carolina. As such, theft and robbery crimes are typically prosecuted and penalized very differently. 

In our state, theft refers to a variety of criminal activities involving the unlawful taking of money or other property from another individual or business. 

Robbery also involves the unlawful taking of someone else’s property, but with one key difference. To constitute robbery, the action must be committed in the presence of the victim. 

To understand more about how theft [...]


If you were convicted of a crime and sentenced to probation, you were given a chance to stay out of jail or prison. However, this chance comes with the responsibility to abide by all the terms of the judge has given. 

If you meet all of the terms of your probation, you will avoid serving your sentence behind bars. On the other hand, failure to comply could result in the revocation of your probation. Revocation would force you to serve the duration of your sentence inside a cell.

That said, sometimes [...]

A DWI conviction in North Carolina comes with some of the most staggering criminal and civil penalties in the country — not to mention the additional financial cost associated with having one on your record. 

Get caught driving drunk with a child passenger, though, and you could find yourself in court battling child abuse charges, too. A child abuse conviction can leave you responsible for additional criminal penalties, and, potentially devastating civil consequences, namely losing custody of your child.

How DWI Charges Work in North Carolina

North Carolina has five levels of DWIs[...]