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You’ve been arrested for shoplifting. Maybe it was a miscommunication, maybe you couldn’t help yourself. For most people in North Carolina, a first offense will probably land you a fine…and the penalty of public shame.

There’s only one problem. You’ve already been convicted of shoplifting before.

So what should you expect this time?

Second Convictions in North Carolina Come With Stronger Penalties

State laws take into account that someone’s first crime may just be their last. The penalties for a first shoplifting conviction (which can include up to 10 days in jail) are [...]

Teens can do some pretty reckless things. Sometimes, they have the help of adults.

One Greenville teen was recently killed in a DUI accident when her friend, who was driving intoxicated, crashed their car, for instance.

Sadly, the girl’s father had a history of furnishing alcohol to his daughter and her friends. He allegedly did so on the evening of the accident, as well. The girl’s father now faces charges for contributing to the delinquency of a minor, together with a litany of others.

The outcome of this tragic occurrence is exceptional, but [...]

A former NFL quarterback was recently shot multiple times during the course of an argument with his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend.

Antony Wright was found at a suburban home in Conford, North Carolina with multiple gunshot wounds to his body. He was transported to a local hospital and underwent emergency surgery for life-threatening injuries.

The Concord Police Department has issued a warrant of arrest for Wright’s alleged assailant under charges of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury with intent to kill.

So, what’s next for the assailant?

Assault with a deadly weapon is [...]

The criminal court system in North Carolina is based on the premise of rehabilitation. Ideally, once you’ve paid your debt to society, you should be welcomed back into the community as an equal contributor to society.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.

Most people, in fact, never get full restoration of their rights and status after conviction — and sometimes when charges never led to more than an arrest!

A criminal record in this state can be like a scarlet letter. Its effects can reach your job opportunities, living arrangements, education opportunities, travel plans [...]

Most of us have had to take a drug test at some point or another. You probably know, then, that even when there’s nothing to hide, awaiting results is a nerve-racking experience. After all, false positives do exist.

So, what happens if you do fail a drug test?

The short answer is, it depends on the reason you’ve been asked to take the test. Typically, drug testing is implemented by prospective or current employers and probation programs. So below, we’re going to cover what happens if you fail a drug test in each [...]