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Short of homicide, sex crimes are some of the most grievous offenses one person can commit against another. Accordingly, they are prosecuted severely in North Carolina, and nearly all are considered to be felonies.

Only a handful of offenses are considered lesser sex crimes garnering misdemeanor-level charges. They are still very serious, however, especially if the defendant has committed prior sex crimes.

What are they?

Below, we’re going to cover five sex crimes classified as a misdemeanor offenses in North Carolina, and the criminal penalties you could face upon conviction.

Sexual Battery

Sexual [...]

While we do hear less about police brutality than we did a few years ago, when getting into a confrontation with police, it is normal for anyone to become confused or scared. These intense feelings may lead to a knee-jerk fight or flight-type reactions.

Unfortunately, simple acts of “fighting back,” trying to escape, or trying to make yourself more comfortable may lead to additional criminal charges of resisting arrest.

In North Carolina, resisting arrest is a Class 2 Misdemeanor. Along with additional fines or time on probation, these charges could give a prosecutor [...]

Memorial Day is historically a time to cut loose and celebrate both loved ones lost and the beginning of summer. However, celebration can sometimes can lead to run-ins with the law.

Aside from DUIs, one of the most common criminal charges on big party days like this is disorderly conduct. Although this is only a misdemeanor and has relatively minor criminal consequences, you’re still left with a criminal record that affects many aspects of life.

Below we cover North Carolina’s laws surrounding disorderly conduct, and some of the criminal and civil consequences you [...]

Probation is generally preferable to spending time behind bars, but it’s also not the easy way out. There are many terms and conditions you’ll have to meet, and failure to do so can land you behind bars for the rest of your sentence.

If you’re placed under probation in North Carolina, it’s very important to understand the type of probation you’re under and to know all of the rules you’ll need to follow.

Importantly, not being aware of a probation condition isn’t a defense for a violation. It’s your responsibility to know and [...]