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Let’s say you were involved in an altercation with your partner or your roommate. The police were called. Law enforcement officers saw your condition or heard your testimony and decided to file criminal domestic violence charges.

This can be a relief for many people who have been stuck in a cycle of abuse. For others, however, it may be terrifying — because you don’t want to see an innocent loved one be put in jail due to a misunderstanding.

Which begs the question: can you as an alleged victim drop domestic violence charges [...]

Graduation is an exciting and bittersweet time for most high school seniors. It’s also traditionally a time that teens run a bit wild.

Case-in-point: many teens drink around graduation time, and some of these underage drinkers make the unfortunate decision to get behind the wheel impaired. This often has tragic outcomes – more teens die in DWI accidents during graduation season than any other time of year.

Additionally, underage drinking and driving carries serious legal repercussions. If caught driving drunk, your teen could face major criminal and civil penalties. Moreover, a DWI can [...]

About a decade before the “War on Drugs” really began sweeping the nation, Congress had already written into law a key piece of legislation which supported those efforts. Certain drug crimes – namely those associated with the crack cocaine epidemic – when committed near schools, were met with increased penalties at a federal level. Within a decade, a number of states adopted the same kinds of regulation.

Today, every state government maintains some law for harsher penalties against drug crimes near schools, and 31 of them have vastly extended their zones beyond schools. [...]

Tax fraud occurs when an individual or business entity willfully attempts to evade or defeat paying taxes, and most cases have to do with either the assessment or the payment of taxes owed.

While nearly 17% of taxpayers don’t fully comply with the tax code and generally face minimal to no consequences, when the IRS gets a whiff of things truly gone awry, a knowledgeable North Carolina tax fraud attorney can be necessary to fight back against the serious charges of tax fraud and evasion.

In this post, from investigation to conviction, we [...]