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A school should be a safe place where children have equal opportunities to gain knowledge in peace. This is why all school districts in North Carolina have been making deliberate strides to address the issue of bullying in schools.

Unfortunately, whether or not bullying is involved, sometimes student behavior goes too far and fights break out. Your idea of “school fights” may be minor scrapes where the worst thing that happens is that somebody’s nose gets bloodied, but the reality can be far more serious.

Such was the case in one elementary school [...]

Over the last few weeks, social security numbers, private income data, and other personal information has no doubt been flying through cyberspace at breakneck speeds as every law-abiding American citizen is scrambling to file their tax returns before the deadline.

To criminals who are digitally-inclined, tax time may seem like a goldmine for easy fraud – the countless data breaches going on all over the web, the growing landscape of unmanned filing processes, and an entire population of people who trust the system completely – nobody’s watching, right?


For five years running, [...]

Traffic tickets are pretty much always a pain in the butt. You shell out a few hundred bucks have to wait in line at the DMV or fight the ticket in court for a reduced rate.

It’s annoying. It’s frustrating. It’s time-consuming.

For many, though, it’s way worse than that.

If you are one of the many people in North Carolina who is struggling to make ends meet and cannot take off work at a moment’s notice, a traffic ticket could force you to choose between keeping your license and paying rent — [...]

Every teenager – even the best of them – experiences a lapse in judgement at some point during their formative years. Science says it’s inevitable. The parts of the brain which process decision-making and emotional drive simply aren’t fully developed.

Unfortunately, a number of them end up with a blip on their record which can lead to paying for those temporary lapses long after they should.

In this post, we’ll share how a North Carolina criminal record can affect the college admissions process and eligibility for financial aid, along with what you can [...]