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Any charges for Driving While Impaired (DWI) are quite serious, and have severe criminal and civil penalties. However, in North Carolina, not all DWIs are created equally. There are five levels of misdemeanor DWIs, as well as felony-level DWIs.

In our state, factors such as your blood alcohol content at the time of your arrest, having a minor child passenger, or injuring someone in a crash will affect the level of charges you will face. Prior DWI offenses will also elevate the level of DWI offense you are charged with.

If you are [...]

Lawmakers have the tough job of adjusting legislation as the state, country, and world change. New technology, cultural shifts, and other factors may make old laws useless – or even dangerous. If lawmakers do not address outdated rules, they could be putting a group of people at risk for incarceration and harsh penalties.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what is happening right now in North Carolina. Teens are at risk of harsh and unfairly high penalties due to a recent trend in technology. If you have a teenager, you have to educate them on [...]

Often, the term “domestic violence” conjures images of physical abuse, but since the late ‘70s, when the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence was initially organized, it has been leading the movement to further define what the term means, and to end domestic violence of all kinds in our state.

As you probably know, being accused of domestic violence can be life-changing. If you are currently facing domestic violence charges, but unsure of what legal action you can or should take to protect yourself, reach out to a knowledgeable Greensboro domestic violence defense [...]

When we hear the words “mandatory minimums,” most of us think of federal courts, which are notorious for strictly imposed and unreasonable mandatory minimum sentences for those convicted.

In fact, you might assume that if your case is prosecuted at the state level, you don’t have to worry about mandatory minimums at all. Not so much in North Carolina.

Trafficking even relatively small quantities of illicit substances will result in excessive mandatory minimum sentencing that is not subject to parole or probation. This means that even low-level drug offenders spend years in prison.[...]

Generally speaking, there are three classes of crimes: drug crimes, crimes against property, and violent crimes. Obviously, there can be some crossover, but most offenses fall squarely into one of those three categories.

Drug crimes, clearly, must involve drugs. Violent crimes? Violence, of course. And most people associate property crimes with theft or destruction… but that’s not necessarily true.

Although many property crimes do involve theft or property destruction of some kind, any crime against property falls into the class of property crimes. This includes offenses you probably wouldn’t think of, such [...]